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Striving to offer "Fashions filled with dreams and joy" to even more people

Since 1951, when CROSS PLUS was founded, we have evolved with the needs of real women and now we provide 60million products a year.

We at CROSS PLUS pride ourselves on holding the number one position in the ladies apparel market in terms of numbers of items sold and market share, particularly in the mass retailing industry. This accomplishment has been made possible by our company's rapid inventory ratio and financial strength. Our thorough inventory management system, which has been employed since CROSS PLUS was founded, forms the foundations of the business, and has been instrumental in leading to our company's financial stability and strength.

In the future, the retail industry may undergo reorganization or other changes, resulting in even greater upheavals. These changes to the retail industry will consequently force changes upon the apparel industry. I am convinced that unless CROSS PLUS is able to transform itself now, there will be no future for our company. I would like to share with you some of the business strategies that have been developed to successfully achieve the transformation of CROSS PLUS.

The chain store apparel business conducted by CROSS PLUS, the core company of the CROSS PLUS Group, targets mass retailers and specialty shops, and forms the foundations of the Group's profits. We plan to enhance the branding of our products as well as our sales site suggestion skills, in order to further develop our company's strong points, such as our ability to offer fresh, high-quality products at reasonable prices. I firmly believe there is tremendous potential for these efforts to lead to much greater expansion of our business.

Recently, markets and consumers have undergone significant changes and diversification, creating a demand for high-value-added goods and services that are rich in originality. In response to this demand, three of our subsidiaries are engaged in four lines of retail-centered businesses: the SPA*1 business, the SPA business for designer brands, the OEM*2 business, and the electronic commerce business. The SPA business for designer brands promotes the brands of Junko Shimada and Atsuro Tayama, who are both Paris collection designers. LIZLISA, a brand for young girls, is one of most popular brands from Vent International Co., Ltd. I believe that having each of these subsidiaries join hands to make optimal use of one another's competencies will enable CROSS PLUS to establish a new base for generating profits in such untapped channels as department stores and specialty shops, as well as further enhancing synergy throughout the CROSS PLUS Group.

While we in the economic society face more rapid changes than we have ever known,it is my sincere wish that regardless of the challenges, all of us at CROSS PLUS will call upon our intelligence and resourcefulness, polish our specialized skills, and stand together shoulder to shoulder to meet the future.

Your continued warm advice, guidance, and support will be greatly appreciated.

*1 SPA (specialty store retailer of private label apparel)
*2 OEM (original equipment manufacturer) A company that manufactures a product bearing the brand name of a reseller.

In 2001, the original company name "Sakuraya Shoji" was changed to "CROSS PLUS" for the 50th anniversary of the establishment.

The name "CROSS" is taken from the overlapping or crossing of the weave of a CLOTH or fabric. Cross has nearly the same pronunciation as Cloth, particularly when spoken by Japanese. Cross also means to change, to intersect, to multiply, or to overcome difficulties. "PLUS" means to add, combine, or to be positively inclined.

The name "CROSS PLUS" expresses the company's stance of combining the abilities and personal traits of each individual employee and integrating these attributes into something much greater, enabling the company to provide consumers with value-added products and services.

Hironori Yamamoto
President and CEO