Aug. 1951 Shigeharu Tsujimura (present Chairman Emeritus) established SAKURAYA SHOTEN as a manufacturer and wholesaler of ladies skirts and blouses in Nakamura-ku, Nagoya.
Apr. 1953 SAKURAYA SHOTEN was reorganized as SAKURAYA SHOJI CO., LTD.
Apr. 1956 Tokyo Office was opened in Nihonbashi Kakigara-cho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo.
Dec. 1963 The Head Office was moved to the newly-completed Head Office building (present Hanoki Building) in Nishi-ku, Nagoya.
Apr. 1970 The present Division System was introduced.
Feb. 1978 The present Head Office building was completed.
Feb. 1982 The Marioni Division, which manufactured products for specialty shops, was separated from the Company and established as the subsidiary MARIONI CO., LTD.
Jul. 1986 CP Distribution Center was opened.
Aug. 1994 Tokyo Office was moved to Suitengu DY Building.
Sep. 2000 Local representative offices were opened in China in the cities of Shanghai and Tsingtao.
Jul. 2001 Chubu Center was opened.
Aug. 2001 The name of the company was changed to CROSS PLUS INC.
Aug. 2002 The Stylink Division, which manufactured OEM products for SPA and other retailers, was separated from the Company and established as STYLINK CO., LTD. (currently a consolidated subsidiary).
Oct. 2002 Joint venture company QINGDAO C&P CORPORATION was established.
Dec. 2002 MARIONI CO., LTD was acquired.
Feb. 2003 With the aim of developing SPA business, NOTES INC. and JUNKO SHIMADA JAPAN Co.,Ltd. were established (currently consolidated subsidiaries)
Apr. 2004 The company was listed on the second section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and on the second section of Nagoya Stock Exchange.
Sep. 2004 Overseas subsidiary Cross Plus Inc. Shanghai was established.
Mar. 2005 NOTES INC. acquired A.T. Co., Ltd. (currently a consolidated subsidiary).
July. 2005 A.T INC. agreed for amalgamation with NOTES INC.: established CROSS PLUS INC.SHANGHAI QINGDAO BRANCH in Qingdao, China.
Aug. 2005 For Tokyo office, Suitengu CP building was completted.
May. 2006 Gaining 51% of share stock, Vent International Co., Ltd became a group company.
Oct. 2007 Corporate Officer System was introduced.
NOTES INC. was amalgamated and became a division of CROSS PLUSS.
transfered a part of busiess operation to Stylink INC.
Dec. 2008 Tokyo office was moved to TORNARE Bldg. Nihonbashihamachou.
Jan. 2010 For Nagoya head office, CP Show room building was completed.
Jan. 2012 VENT HONG KONG LIMITED was established.
Aug. 2012 Kaizu distribution warehouse was opened in Kaizu-shi, Gifu.
Aug. 2012 Local representative office was opened in Bangkok, Thailand.
Nov. 2012 The company took over the business of JUNKO SHIMADA JAPAN Co.,Ltd..
Jan. 2013 The company liquidated JUNKO SHIMADA JAPAN Co.,Ltd..
Jan. 2016 Vent International Co., Ltd. has been dissolved.
Jun. 2017 Establishment of Discovery Plus Inc.
Feb. 2018 Adding Third Office Inc. to the corporate
Sep. 2018 Adding Nakahatsu Co., Ltd to the corporate
Jan. 2019 Stylink Inc.has been dissolved.
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