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I hereby express my sincere gratitude to all of our share-holders for the constant and consistent support to our Cross Plus Group.
Cross Plus Group, with its corporate concept [to supply to the consumers fashion clothing full of dreams and fancies to help creation of the enriched social life], tries to make efforts in order every company member can cross
over his or her own ability and speciality to make an plus alpha effect to enhance the corporate power as its name shows.
We have been making steady efforts in these late years by setting up corporate target as 1stly power up of Creation & Proposition, 2ndly expansion of sales to Specialty Stores and 3rdly enlargement of Merchandise Variety.
In 2018 Third Office Inc. and Nakahatsu Co., Ltd were joined and added to the group, the former is for Men’s wears and the latter for head gears (hats).
We are now focusing on establishment of New Platform of Apparel Business and enhancement of its Apparel Function. We also go on more for M&A of apparel business and non-apparel field as well. Thus our further efforts could be done in order to increase the real value of the corporate.

Representative Director,
President ,and CEO
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